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this is a photo of my window latch. it’s pretty useless actually, because the windows have been painted shut. shame really, because i see everyone in my apt. from that window and it would be nice to open it.  it looks out into the complex’s front entrance. my complex is shaped like a capital L and i live in the bottom of the letter. so i get to see all.

i spend alot of time looking out that window. my walls are very thin and i can hear my neighbors as they come and go. i have this habit of looking out the window everytime i hear a car door close or hear footsteps coming down the stairs. curiosity mostly. is it the girl who lives directly above me who plays adele too loudly every sunday? her apt. is the exact floor plan as mine by the way, but it sounds like she’s literally building a new apt. in her place on top of being a heavy walker. or is it the new girl from georgia who just moved in? she’s barely 21, if that. she has the curliest blonde hair i’ve ever seen.

my  window, with it’s useless latch, has been painted shut. i look out through the glass wishing i could open it.


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