The Monkey Gland

a glass of Grenadine

a glass of Grenadine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yup, that stuff associated with Shirley Temples and Cherry/Lime-ades and to make a cherry coke. Well, believe it or not, grenadine is not cherry flavored at all. And if that catches you off guard, the current version uses red coloring to add more insult to injury.

Real grenadine is supposed to be made with pomegranete juice. Without getting too technical, grenadine is derived from the French word grenade which means pomegranate. Grenadine should have a more tart than sweet flavor profile and display tannins similar to a zinfandel. Not a sticky sweet sugar bomb.

So buy a bottle of craft grenadine here. Or Make your own from this recipe from the Imbibe. I like the Imbibe recipe because there is an option to add alcohol as a preservative. (not for the kiddies!)

Monkey Gland

1 1/2 oz.  Beefeater gin

1 1/2 oz. fresh orange juice

1 tsp.  your craft grenadine (not the Rose’s processed artificially sweetened stuff)

1 tsp. absinthe

Ice cubes Tools: shaker, strainer

Glass: cocktail

Shake all ingredients in a shaker for 10 seconds and strain into a chilled  absinthe coated glass.

Adapted from Barflies and Cocktails by Harry MacElhone (1927)


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