Barrel Aged Cocktails

I’ve wanted to experiment with barrel aged cocktails for a while now. I’ve been reading about how the flavors mellow and blend while resting in oak. Well, I got my chance.

I found some dry 2 gallon oak barrels in a storage closet at work. the hoops were off and I could see space in between the staves.

barrelSeemed dead and not coming back to life. I didn’t want that to stop me, so I brought them home and did some research on reconditioning dry barrels. I found this

I decided to try a barrel aged vieux carre and a barrel aged vesper. Both are spirit only cocktails. You don’t want anything in the barrel that would spoil or ferment. I batched to equal 4 quarts for around 32 4 ounce cocktails. Rest in the barrel for 6 weeks. Double strain into bottles and chill.

Barrel aged Vesper                                                                                         

Bols Genever

Russian Standard Vodka

Cocchi Americano

Lemon Zest

Barrel aged Vieux Carre

Remy Martin VS

Redemption Rye

Vya Sweet Vermout


Peychauds and Angostura

Lemon Zest


2 thoughts on “Barrel Aged Cocktails

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