Pickled Watermelon rind infused Rye

The chefs where I work are awesome. Our cocktail program is grateful to have a team that allows us access to the kitchen’s resources. Bartenders and cooks have a working relationship and when the chef approached and said he had been working with pickled watermelon rind, my eyes lit up.

Pickled watermelon rind is a classic southern condiment. a crunchy, sweet and sour component used along side pork, chicken, or duck. how do you incorporate it into a cocktail you ask? I had the same question. My first attempt was to muddle it. It worked to a degree, but since it is rind it has little juice. So what I did was I took 6 oz. of already pickled rind and put it into a bottle of Pendleton Canadian Rye. I let it sit for just an hour and the infusion was almost immediate. you would never guess it was a rye. Wonderfully sweet without being syrupy.


The Watermelon Rye-nd

2 ounces of Pickled Watermelon rind infused Rye
1 ounce of Barolo Chinato
dash of Jerry Thomas Barrel aged Bitters

stir ingredients over ice until well chilled. Serve up or over the seasoned ice.

Then use the rind soaked in booze as an adult only condiment.


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