My Drinkwire PAMA entry … Spanish Inquisition

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The Spanish Inquisition is when you are being bombarded ruthlessly by an individual or individuals with question after question after question. And as the saying goes no one expects it. Here is my take on a Classic cocktail, the Mexican Firing Squad. I used a play on the Mexican language being Spanish and mezcal being from Mexico and Inquisition as a means of death by torture, not too unlike a firing squad. The ingredients are as well a bombardment of questions. Flavors covering ever part of your palate. Is it smoky? Yes. Is there a fizzy sensation? Yes. Is there sweetness? Yes. Is there bitterness? Yes. Question after question. Sip after sip.

Without further ado,

Spanish Inquisition.

2 oz. Sombra Mezcal

3/4 oz. Lime

3/4 oz. PAMA pomegranate liqueur

2 dashes Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Aromatic bitters

Fever Tree Club Soda

smoked sea salt and cracked black pepper

Jigger all but soda into mixing glass. Hard shake. Double strain into Collins glass rimmed with smoked sea salt and cracked black pepper with fresh ice and top with Fever Tree Club Soda.


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