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Kinda Country

ImageThis is based on a PDT cocktail, ‘a lil bit country’

1 1/2 oz Michter’s bourbon

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz demurara syrup

1/4 oz Luxardo liqueur

2 slices pickled jalapeño

aromatic and orange bitters


Place jalapeño and syrup in mixing glass. Muddle.

Add bourdon, juice, Luxardo, and ice.

Shake hard and double strain. 1 dash of each bitters.


One thought on “Kinda Country

  1. Great site, Marlon. One day I am going to drop into town and head right to your bar. I’ll be completely boring and order a scotch with a splash of water, and in one hour I’ll be smoking cigarettes again and either crying or laughing or a subtle mixture of both.

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